Sleepaway Summer Camp

Work hard, Play hard


Since its inception 43 years ago, Longacre has served as a vibrant example of the power of living in authentic community with one another. While much of the adult world mutters misgivings about younger generations, Longacre has entrusted young people with an incredible amount of responsibility, empowered them to communicate honestly, and given them the confidence to discover the best version of themselves. We work hard, we play hard, and we learn to love each other in a way that just isn't possible where trust and communication aren't present. 


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Every aspect of the Longacre experience is intentionally cultivated, and our daily schedule is no different. It reflects the four pillars of our values - decision making, responsibility, passion, and direct communication.

Campers decide which activities they will participate in everyday (decision making), and we constantly elicit feedback from them to figure out what is working and what isn't (direct communication). We make as much space as we can for them to dive deeply into things they care about (passion), while also offering things they may not have had the opportunity to experience before (also passion!). 

By coming to Longacre, campers also agree that they will help our community accomplish the things it needs to in order for camp to function (responsibility). When asked about how she was feeling about pitching in for crew one day, a camper last summer asked, "If I didn't help clean up the dining hall when it was my crew's turn, who would?" We believe that it's never too young to learn the value of (and experience the joy of) doing what one can to make a community tick. 


The Community

Growing OURSELVES with others

We hope to build ourselves up at The Farm so we can bring what we've learned to the world, and we do that during our sessions of camp as well. Campers are given opportunities to pursue their passions on the farm, sure, but are also invited to engage in community service at the local animal rescue, food bank, or nursing home. We'll do plenty at camp, but also offer opportunities to travel out to Hersheypark, go rock climbing, go out and see a movie, and more. We love practicing being the best versions of ourselves in the "real world" so we can bring the life skills we learn at Longacre out to a world that so desperately needs them.


The Farm

A community builder

Our property is lovingly dubbed "The Farm" because, surprise, it is a farm. Our original owners bought this property to live in community with one another in a farm setting - growing their own organic vegetables, raising animals, and doing what needed to be done to make the whole thing work. It went so well for them that they decided to bring young people on board to experience the magic they were experiencing, and voila! Longacre was born. The farm setting is an incredible one to get back to our evolutionary roots, learning the value of hard work while experiencing the joy of living in community. Many of our activities happen in and around where the animals and vegetables are, creating a unique experience that's hard to replicate elsewhere.