New Website Now Live

Date published: January 27th, 2016 | By Matthew

Longacre Camp Launches New Website

Welcome to our new website! We launched January 26th. Feel free to poke around (obviously). The homepage is the place to start.

Trying to Explain What Happens at Longacre

Longacre has always been tough for me to describe. I learned this as a kid, and it didn’t get much easier as a young adult.

Recently — like over the past few years — we have been trying really hard to explain Longacre in a clearer way, so our families can better understand the significance of what happens here.

Figuring this out has been a process: we’ve watched what happens in the summers with more intention; we’ve asked for feedback, lots of feedback, from farmers, big kids and parents; we’ve articulated our objective, our philosophy, our values and our beliefs; and we’ve written more and more in an attempt to iron out what we think and weave it all together.

So that’s the backdrop. This website, or this iteration, is, right now, our best attempt at explaining what happens at Longacre.

The Design and Development Process

We had three priorities for the new site: to make it simple, fast and working great on mobile. I was surprised at how much those priorities, once they were set, influenced our decision-making.

Leading up to yesterday's launch, we put the site in beta for two weeks. We owe big thanks to the following people:

Susan G. 

These folks clicked links, filled out forms, edited copy, critiqued photos and made many, many suggestions. The site is better off, and we are better off, because of your efforts. Thank you.

For more on our design and development process, check out our full analysis.


If you still have feedback, we’re all ears. Feel free to email me, Matt Smith, at

Otherwise, thank you for checking out our new website, and we hope you enjoy it.