Pre-Camp Email #4 — When You Will Be Notified of Illness or Injury

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Hello 2017 Parents!

Longacre is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) of Martinsville, IN. This means we meet 300 standards of health and safety.

One of the ACA requirements is the following: “provide custodial parents and guardians with a written description of the situations when they will be notified of an illness or injury to their camper.”

This post shall serve as that written description.

There are three thresholds beyond which we will notify you of an illness or injury to your child:

  1. If your child is in distress. If your child has a minor scrape on his knee, for example, under normal circumstances we will treat the scrape and record the incident but not notify you. However, if your child is in distress as a result of that scrape, we will notify you.
  2. If your child needs to see a medical professional.
  3. If your child goes to the infirmary. Our campers (we call them “farmers”) go to the infirmary for one of two reasons: illness or recovery. In the event of illness, we will notify you. In the event of recovery, we will have already notified you because of #2 (above) and we will keep in contact for the duration of your child’s stay.

The safety of your child is our #1 priority.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at 717-567-3349 or 

Thank you!


Matthew Smith
Owner / Director
Longacre Leadership Camp

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