Pre-Camp Email #2 — CampMinder Forms and Documents

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Hello 2017 Parents!

This is email #2 in the Pre-Camp Series. I want to talk about the forms and documents section of CampMinder for a second.

CampMinder is our camp management software. We use it to pass information back and forth and stay organized with our parents.

(Existing users, you can log into your account here. New users, you can create your account here.)

When you log into your CampMinder account, you’ll see a list of icons at the top.

Click the first icon, the one with the yellow pencil. It takes you to the Forms and Documents section.

Admittedly, when I see a list of forms like this, I probably feel bored or worse and just close the tab.

But these forms may not be as miserable as they seem. There are twelve “forms”, give or take, that we need before we can take your child. I use quotation marks because some of these forms only require checking boxes or signing a document — they’re easy.

Plus, if you've already sent us the Enrollment Agreement, that’s one down. And if you purchased equipment during the Camper Application, that’s another down.

Most of these forms will take very little time and could theoretically be completed at the last minute (although we don’t recommend it). Regardless, all forms are due three weeks before your child arrives.

The only forms that require planning are the Health History Form and the Physician’s Form. They require knowledge of your child’s medical history and a doctor’s signature.

If you have any questions at all, you can reach me at 717-567-3349 or Good luck.



Matthew Smith
Owner / Director
Longacre Leadership Camp

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