Pre-Camp Email #19 — Please Write Your Child Early and Often

Date published: June 12th, 2017 | By Matthew


Hello 2017 Parents!

This is email #19 in our pre-camp series.

Letters from home are the best.

When the mail arrives, campers’ faces are filled with anticipation.

After lunch, during a typical rest hour, when a counselor pulls into the parking lot after a mail run, she is swarmed by hopeful campers.

For some reason, these technology-toting teens still totally love the snail mail, just like generations of campers before them. Some things never change, I guess, and the joy of receiving a letter at camp is one of them.

We encourage our campers to write home. You are welcome to send them with stationary, but we provide paper, pens, envelopes and postage (free of charge). And we give our kids activity periods to write, if they so choose.

Receiving mail from home brings comfort, especially during the blackout period. Receiving mail from camp may have a similar effect on you. For that reason, we encourage you to get into a routine this summer. Please write your child early and often.

Here's the address:

[Your Camper] 
Longacre Leadership Camp
6565 Creek Rd. 
Newport, PA 17074

Any questions? You can always reach me at 717-567-3349 or

All the best,


Matthew T. Smith
Owner / Director
Longacre Leadership Camp

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