Longacre Now Accreditated by American Camp Association

Date published: March 16th, 2016 | By Louise

This may be a little overdue.

Matt and I attended the New York-New Jersey American Camp Association conference last week and it reminded me to get my finger out and tell everyone we passed our accreditation from last summer!!!. I found out in November.

What a relief. We put so much work into the process and to pass means so much. I feel so grateful to so many people for their support along the way to becoming an accredited ACA summer program. This was not an individual endeavor. Summer staff, farmers and ACA staff have all given time, support, expertise and patience during the process. We could not have done it without them. As some of you may know at times I was pretty stressed out, like almost losing it. There are over 100 individual standards to go over in every area of our program. A mammoth task. Thanks everyone for putting up with me and supporting me throughout.

What does this mean to us? In some ways our program of 41 years is still very similar: our philosophy, purpose and passion have not changed at all. Our core components are still very important to us. Yet the process of accreditation has enabled us to take a step back and look at Longacre with a different viewpoint. We have used this opportunity to look at every single aspect of our program. It was time consuming and in some areas eye opening.

I have always known that Longacre provided a world class summer experience in a safe and challenging environment. This accreditation process not only confirms this but I believe will enhance our program in the future.

Much Love,