Keeping in Touch

Date published: February 27th, 2017 | By Maddie


When I was 8-years-old, I went away to summer camp for eight weeks (this was pre-Longacre). Horseback riding, swimming, and playing sports were all fun activities, but perhaps the most memorable thing I learned that summer was how to write a letter.

One afternoon, with an armful of supplies my parents had packed for me, I shyly asked my counselor for help. My tiny mind was blown by the fact that I could write whatever I wanted on a piece of paper, stuff it in an envelope, pop it in a mailbox, and the recipient would get it in a few days. Amazing! (This was before cellphones were a thing.)

I soon became a letter-writing machine. The focus of many letters was selling my parents on the idea that we reallllyyy needed a pony, but I also wrote about more practical things like how I was wearing sunscreen every single day (slight lie) and showering (occasionally).

I liked receiving letters even more than writing them (despite the fact that the responses to my pleas about a pony were always no).

Two decades later, and despite many technological advancements, I still love reading and writing letters. The twinge of excitement I feel when I see an envelope with my name on it is much the same as it was then (except for junk mail and bills).

Here at the office, I collect the mail each day. While enrollment agreements and catalogs for ordering chickens and seeds are exciting, the cards with pictures and updates from our families (both current and former) are really what make the winter months special. I love opening the mailbox on chilly mornings, hoping to catch a glimpse of what you all have been up to.

You know the saying, “Keep in touch, send a postcard”? Well, I mean it. I imagine you are very busy during the school year, but please know that we love hearing about you and your family. If you ever find yourself with a moment to share something with us here on the farm, give us a buzz, shoot us an email, or (my personal favorite) write us a letter!

With love,