Introducing Our New Camp Director - Lindsay Hutchinson!

Date published: November 2nd, 2017 | By James


After receiving 73 resumes, interviewing more than a dozen candidates, and reaching out to countless references, we are extremely excited to introduce the newest member of the Longacre family, Lindsay Hutchinson!

When we first fell in love with the idea of tying our future to Longacre's for the long haul, we were dreaming about whom we could find to take on the incredible task of working alongside Louise to help Longacre launch into the next phase of its existence. Jack and I were chatting about how so much of our job was going to come down to finding the perfect person to fill this role. As people who have worked with and seen camps numbering into the hundreds, we started listing off people who we could reach out to help us find the perfect candidate. As we were writing names down, I could see a light bulb go off over Jack's head.

"You know who'd be perfect? And I mean I know she's doing amazingly well where she is now, but Lindsay Hutchinson would be the exact person who I'd picture in this role."

I didn't know Lindsay then, but as I listened on, I couldn't help but agree that we needed to talk to her. She was incredibly well regarded at one of the most successful camps in the country, came with the highest possible recommendation from one the most respected people in the camping industry, and had exceeded every reasonable expectation of her at every step along the way.

It felt like a long shot, but Jack reached out to her, and upon hearing about Longacre, she was thrilled to apply. She came out to the farm to meet everyone, and their excitement at the prospect of working with Lindsay was the same as ours. I guess I already spoiled this in the title of this post, but we are absolutely over the moon to introduce you to our new camp director, Lindsay Hutchinson!


So what makes Lindsay tick?

She's a relationship builder, first and foremost. Whether she is laughing with campers, coaching staff, or getting her hands dirty in the garden, Lindsay aims to provide opportunities for everyone to learn about one another, therefore allowing everyone to learn about themselves.

Lindsay comes to Longacre after 12 summers in YMCA camping. Originally from Massachusetts, she has spent the past four and a half years as a Director at Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She holds two Bachelor Degrees from Springfield College in Mathematics and Elementary and Special Education. She is a licensed teacher for grades 1­-6 and for students with disabilities grades K­-8.

After leaving college, Lindsay has worked at camp so that she could bring her passions for cultural exchange, leadership, and character education to life in away that youth aren't able to explore in a school setting.

Lindsay is a volunteer for the American Camping Association, specifically working with committees to ensure that the camping industry is a more diverse and inclusive youth development organization. She hopes to support diversity at Longacre, continuing its tradition of a strong community - where everyone, camper, staff, and animal alike, feels like they belong and that they matter.

When Lindsay is not working, she is traveling, cooking, and making music. She studied with Semester at Sea in college, traveling to 13 countries in 3 months, which has opened her eyes to the power that connection, communication, and a home-cooked meal have on someone's culture.

We are sure that you'll love Lindsay as much as we do. She'll start working full time at Longacre starting on December 1st, and would love to speak to as many of you as are interested at that time. In the meantime, feel free to send her a "hello" at

Exciting times, y'all!