Happy Spring Little Moe

Date published: May 23rd, 2017 | By Louise

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Hi Longacre People!

The sun is finally shining. It has been wonderful to get the big horses back out on pasture. I don't know who’s more excited, me or the horses, because there’s less poop to scoop when they're out on pasture and less grooming because they're not wallowing in the mud. We’re all a little happier basically.

But there is one horse that is not happy. I'll give you two guesses who it is. He is small, extremely rotund and very vocal. Yep, it’s Little Moe. Moe is back. For those of you who did not know, Moe left us just over a year ago. A neighbor friend of ours called Lauren was looking for a companion horse for her mare Moo. I thought Moe would be the perfect companion for Moo because Moo is a large black and white paint horse and Moe is a tiny black and white paint horse. Obviously they are a match made in heaven. And the names are a coincidence I swear, ask Lauren.

Then over the winter Lauren decided, due to having a new baby, that she was not able to give the horses enough time and attention. So Moe and Moo came back to the farm to live with us.

Rosie our other miniature horse was not happy to see Moe. She had been spending her time with Shasta and Jazz and loved being in with big horses that are not so annoying. But now she is back with Moe in the barnyard.

The reason Moe is not happy right now is because he cannot go out on the grass. During the winter Moe and Rosie act like vacuum cleaners. Every single grain of horse feed that the other horses drop they scoop up in their little tiny mouths and clean it up. I am totally fine with this in the winter because they need a little extra weight to keep them warm and also it means no food on the ground for mice and vermin to consume.

But the result of this is that now the two minis are very round and if they were to go out on grass they would pretty much explode. Not actually explode but it would be very detrimental to their health.

So I started their diet a few weeks ago. I stopped feeding the big horses in the areas Rosie and Moe have access to so there is no cleaning up to do plus they have zero access to grass. They get a flake of hay each a day. That’s it.

This is plenty of food for a horse that is less than 250 pounds but Moe disagrees. Every single time I go outside from the office or I am in the garden at my house Moe can see me and he screams and screams and screams. He's not in any pain, he has food and shelter and water and a companion, he just wants more food.

But it's not going to happen. Happy spring Little Moe :)


Louise Warner
Owner / Director
Longacre Leadership Camp