Date published: February 2nd, 2017 | By Louise


I have found myself using the word gratitude a lot these past few months.

There are some times in the year when I feel tired and the fatigue sets in and I feel like my list will never get completed. These are probably ups and downs that all of us experience.

And yet something has changed for me within the past year or two and I can't quite put my finger on what the inspiration was but now when I face a challenge I feel grateful that I am even able to face that challenge in the first place.

So for example as I've mentioned before many times probably I feel lonely sometimes because I really miss my family and my sisters and my niece and birthdays and Christmases together in the UK, Sunday barbecues where everyone is enjoying time together, my 93 year old Nana and helping out with her care. And yet now when I experience those feelings I also just feel really grateful that I have such wonderful people around me here, that my husband is my best friend, that Matt is my business partner and we get to be a part of this journey together, that Sundsmo and Smaf (Matt) have had a little tiny called Sofia and I'm going to get to be a huge part of her life. And I feel really grateful that my sister Rachel is there helping care for my Nana alongside my uncle Roger and that my niece Ruby has other aunties in the UK that can be with her on her birthday every June which I cannot because of camp.

So this is something I am becoming aware of. Gratitude for me is something to name when I'm feeling it and honestly it’s compounding and I believe making me a better person. Thanks for reading!

xxx Weeze