Dates, Rates and Discounts for 2017

Date published: August 12th, 2016 | By Matthew



Dates and Rates

This post was written for our returning families. For our main page click here: pricing, dates and discounts.

Summer isn't over yet. The minicampers are still in the middle of their 10-day session (Saturday night movie night!) and some of you haven't yet had time to process Sessions 1 and 2.

Still, it's time to release our dates, rates and discounts for 2017.

Here are our dates and rates:

These rates reflect a price increase of 3% over 2016 -- 1% for inflation and 2% for camp improvements.

Louise and I are committed to making Longacre Leadership Camp one of the top summer camps in the world. Susan passed onto us a world-class program, and we are very fortunate for the opportunity, but still it will still take a financial investment. Raising prices is part of that financial investment.

Discounts and a Rebate

We will offer two discounts this year (early bird and international) and one rebate (the 250 Game).

Early Bird Discount

Families who sign up early will receive a tuition discount. Below is the early bird discount schedule organized by expiration date:

Expiration dates are the last Friday of the month.

International Discount

We created the international discount last year to attract more international families. Our goal is for our farmer population to reach 25% international by 2018.

Here's the discount: an additional 20% off for the first representative of every non-US country. Below is the international discount schedule combined with the early bird discounts and organized by expiration date:

Expiration dates are the last Friday of the month.

Referral Rebate (The 250 Game)

We'll send you $250 cash for every family you bring with you. We'll also send the family you referred $250 — so you both get $250. Our #1 source of new families is you. We started the 250 Game to thank you for sending us great kids.

For details about any of the above please click here: pricing, dates and discounts.


If you have questions about any of this, please contact me (Matt Smith) at 717-567-3349 or I hope to hear from you.