Pre-Camp Email Series + CampMinder Links

Date published: April 12th, 2017 | By Matthew


Last updated 06-05-17.

Hello 2017 Parents!

Here's everything you need in order to get ready for this summer.

Pre-Camp Email Series

  1. Introduction
  2. CampMinder Forms and Documents
  3. Earn $250 for Every Referral
  4. When You Will Be Notified of Illness or Injury
  5. Transportation and Shipping
  6. A 'Multi-Year' Growth Experience
  7. Reminder About the Blackout Period
  8. What's New and Different for 2017
  9. Clothing, Personal Items and the Importance of Labeling
  10. Personal Property Policy
  11. Visiting Days
  12. Getting in Shape, and The Hilly Mile
  13. Arrival and Departure Times, Driving Directions, and the Driveway Video
  14. Sugar, Junk Food and Care Packages
  15. Spending Money
  16. The Single Best Thing You Can Do to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp
  17. How Often Do You Want to Be Contacted This Summer?
  18. How to Address the Pre-Camp Jitters, and No Daylight
  19. Please Write Your Child Early and Often
  20. Please Make Sure Your Camper Is Hydrated
  21. We've Begun Posting to Instagram!

CampMinder Links


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