50% Off First Camper From Every Country

Date published: February 23rd, 2016 | By Matthew

Update 08/19/16: Discount reduced to 20%; now combinable with early bird discounts.

The International Discount

Diversity is really important to us; and it has been for 25 years now.

When people of different cultures, wealth and sexual orientations come together, they bring with them different perspectives on the world, and the community is stronger for it.

In recent years, we have been working really hard to increase our international diversity.

Last year, we had 17 campers from other countries (that's 15%). There were campers (and counselors) here from the UK, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Nigeria, Dominican Republic and Honduras.

Then, last fall, we set a goal of 25% international campers by 2018. It won't be easy.

50% Off First Camper From Every Country

To help us achieve this mark, we are proud to announce a new international discount: 50% off the first camper from every country.

This means that the first camper to enroll from every country will receive 50% off his or her tuition. (Enrollment means full tuition and a signed enrollment agreement.)

The Fine Print

Here's the fine print:

  1. We can only do this 12 times. That's the cap. After 12 discounts, no more discounts.
  2. In the cases of international families living in the US or American families living abroad, we will use passports to determine international status.
  3. We can only commit to this for 2016. We hope to continue it moving forward but we will have to make that decision after the summer.

Please make sure you understand the three points above.

How You Can Help

If you want to help us achieve our goal of 25% international campers by 2018, here's how you can do it: simply keep us in mind.

Maybe you have international friends, and maybe there will come a time when your international friends are considering summer camp in the US. If that time comes, and if you feel it's appropriate, maybe you can mention our international discount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Since this is something we've never done before, let's look at some made-up questions.

Is it 50% off the discounted price or the sticker price?

Good question. It's off the sticker price, excluding any early bird discounts.

How do we redeem the discount?

When you apply, we'll tell you whether anyone has redeemed your country's discount. If you are the first one to enroll, we'll invoice you for only half the tuition.

Does the international discount apply to other fees too?

Great question. No, it applies only to tuition, so other fees (travel, spending money and rafting) are not included in this discount.

What if you're the first camper from the US?

Nope sorry.

What about Canada?

Yes, Canada counts.

What if I send both my children? Do I get two discounts?

Sorry, no, only one discount per country.

What if we're foreign citizens living in the US? Like a foreign diplomat living in DC?

In this case the decision is based on the passport. If your child has a foreign passport, then we will honor the discount.

What if we're Americans living overseas?

In this case too the decision is based on the passport. If your child has a foreign passport, then we will honor the discount.

What if we're Americans and our child has been living overseas her entire life but without a foreign passport?

Hmm ... that's a tough one. We'd probably stick to the passport rule, but we'd be happy to talk it through with you. Please email Susan Smith at susan@longacre.com and she'll take it from there.

What if my child has dual citizenship and two passports?

Another tough one, but in this case we would honor the discount. Ultimately, what we want is for our international campers to be fully integrated into our community. We want our international kids to feel comfortable here, at home here, like they belong here, in the same way that our American campers belong. One by one, we are trying to eliminate "the other" at Longacre Camp. In the 90s and 00s, Susan and her directors (Erin, Betsy, Liz K., Liz D., Jon, Cori, Matt, Ray, Brooks, etc.) did this for black kids, queer kids and kids with disabilities — made them feel at home here, like this is a place where they can be the best version of themselves. We want to do that for international kids too, and we're not there yet. With that as our goal, we think it makes sense to honor the discount for campers with dual citizenship.

What if my friend and I apply at the same time? Who gets the discount? 

The discount goes to the first family who enrolls, regardless of who applies first.

What if my friend and I pay at the same time? Can we split the discount?

Um ... if that's what you both want, I suppose it's fine. But both families would have to inform us ahead of time. If one family enrolls before the other, no splitting.

What if I already paid?

In the event that your child is holding a foreign passport unbeknownst to us, please contact us. Otherwise, we have already notified our international families.

What if somebody drops out? Will you tell us?

Yes, if the first family drops out and you are second in line, we will notify you and refund half your tuition.

More Questions

If you still have questions, please call 717-567-3349 and ask for Susan Smith or email susan@longacre.com.

Thank you for reading!