Spring Prep Email #2: Resources to combat Homesickness

Dear Summer 2018 Families,

Here is email #2 in our Spring Prep Email Series. If you missed email #1, you can find it here on our blog. In this email, I wanted to share some resources on Homesickness Prevention and how we navigate homesickness at camp.

Homesickness is inevitable, and a very common experience at sleep-away camps. If you are nervous about how your child will adjust to life at camp, homesickness is usually the first thing people think about. Your child will definitely not be the only one at camp experiencing homesickness. At Longacre, we will make sure to coach campers through homesickness by making camp the most comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment for them. Ways that we do that include having a small community, focusing on communication, treating every camper as an individual and meeting them where they are at, and coaching staff to create individual relationships with every child. This not only helps homesickness, but helps us to create a very supporting and trusting camp community. 

We wanted to share with you all a Free Webinar opportunity for all parents, guardians, and mentors (not intended for campers to watch) in regards to Homesickness at Camp. This webinar is run by two Camp Consultants and Trainers and good friends of ours, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon and Chris Thurber. The webinar takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9th, at 8:30pm EST. Here is the link to register and get more information! We recommend this webinar to any first time families, or anyone who has a camper that may be nervous about transitioning into camp this summer.

Another resource that I highly recommend  is the book, Homesick and Happy by Michael Thompson, who does research and shares stories of children at camp who are experiencing homesickness. If you are interested, I can mail you my copy of the book!

If you are concerned about homesickness or anything else while preparing your child for camp, please don't hesitate to call or email. We would love to chat! Lindsay will be calling everyone this week and next to check in about summer prep. We look forward to speaking with you.

Sending all of our love from the farm!
Lindsay & Louise

 Lindsay Hutchinson
Camp Director
Longacre Leadership