Longacre Summer Packing List


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Please label all articles so that we know what belongs to who! Use a name tag, sticker, or permanent marker.
  • All items should be comfortable, especially shoes, which should be broken in and comfortable for safely navigating the hilly mountain terrain.
  • Longacre is a dirty, wet, crafty place, and we will be getting dirty, wet, and crafty. Please make sure that you are only bringing items that you are comfortable getting messy.
  • Longacre is not responsible for lost or damaged items, so please do not bring valuables to camp. We will not be replacing any items.
  • We will do laundry during camp as a activity, as well as for emergencies
  • We suggest packing everything in a tunk or duffle bag, as well as a personal backpack. We also suggest bringing a laundry bag!

Required Items:

Water bottle
Cotton Work Gloves
Flashlight/headlamp & Batteries
Crocs/shower sandals
Light hiking boots, work boots, or barn boots
Baseball/brimmed cap
Sunscreen and bug repellent
Alarm clock (battery operated)
Laundry bag
Spending Money ($45 per week)
Medications/Vitamins (with original labels)
Sleeping bag
Twin sheet set
Pillow and pillow case
3-4 towels (pool and shower)
Week supply of under clothes and socks
Week supply of tshirts
Week supply of shorts
2-3 pairs of long pants
2 wool or fleece sweaters
2 sweatshirts
1 or 2 bathing suits
3 longsleeve shirts (including your Longacre longsleeve!)
3 pairs of Pajamas
1 Rain Jacket


Optional Items:

Bicycle and Helmet
Fleece Vest or Insulated Vest
Musical Instrument
Crazy Creek Camp Chair
Sleeping Pad (can be used in bunks and also for rafting/backpacking trips)
Windbreaker/Lightweight Jacket
Second pair of Work Boots / Barn Shoes
Second pair Water Shoes (Chacos, Keens, Tevas)
Hiking Backpack
Long underwear top and bottom
Baseball Glove
Playing Cards
Stationery, Pens, and Postage
Shower Caddy/Toiletry Case
Comfort Items (i.e. stuffed animal, blanket, photos of home)
Fun Costumes

Please call us or email us with any questions you may have. We can't wait to see you this summer!