Responsibility and Relationship Building: Harper the Rescue Horse

Longacre has been instilling the ideas of responsibility and relationship for years. We make new friends, connect to our peers through open and honest communication, and all take responsibility for making our camp the best it can be. Longacre is unique to other camps, where these ideas of responsibility and relationship building don't just involve humans. The relationships built with animals at the Farm are just as special to our farmers as they are to their new friends.


Many of our farmers are connected to our Horses. Weeze has a huge passion for these beautiful animals, and she has been teaching our campers all thing quine: riding, grooming, training, and general horse care. Our farmers who are invested in horses and want to learn more also visit other Horse stables and trainers, work with the vet, and do advanced riding. One of the most unique things that we do here at the Farm is Rescue horses. With Weeze's knowledge, strength, and passion, we are able to care for and provide a home for horses who otherwise wouldn't be able to survive.

Meet Harper. Harper was just rescued by Louise, and she arrived two weeks ago. Weeze narrates this video so that you can see what Harper has been through and all of the things that we need to do to take care of her. This summer, we hope that everyone will be able to shower her with love, and give her the supportive, peaceful, caring community that we all deserve.


To learn more about our Horse Programs at Longacre Farm, please call us 717-567-3349. We look forward to riding with you.

With love,