Big Kids: Our staff are forever kids at heart... Returning staff announced!

One of my favorite aspects of working at a summer camp is the people. Every summer, The Farm is filled to the brim with amazing staff and farmers. Our quiet and sleepy farm bubbles to life as the summer begins. Catching up and reconnecting with returning peeps is a serious gift for me. 

When amazing staff create time in their busy schedules to get to Longacre, for another summer, it means so much to me both personally and professionally. Creating a team that believes in this place and the students that attend is like building the foundation to creating an amazing summer experience. 


As soon as the announcements went out in October that Longacre was beginning a new phase with James, Jack and Doug, Big Kids (what we lovingly call our staff) started calling me. Aziza Khalil was the first to commit to being with us this summer. Man are we lucky. Aziza has been with us for four summers. She is one of the most compassionate, open minded and selfless people I have ever met, truly one of the most beautiful people inside and out. Aziza loves our farm and our kids. She has the uncanny ability to make farmers feel heard and understood. 

Aziza will work closely with Lindsay this summer making sure all our farmers have what they need and communicating with families throughout the summer.


Then came more great news. LJ has also signed on for this summer. A powerhouse of a woman. An amazing role model for both girls and boys. For two summers LJ has been one of our animal honchos, which is a seriously important job. Under her watchful eye our animals receive the best possible care and farmers learn hard skills in animal husbandry. I love the fact that LJ can be found one morning cleaning out the pig pen, hard and dirty work, and then that afternoon practicing yoga in the Art Barn. Talk about the whole package.


Maddie, Mark and Tallulah Fortelka are signed up to be on our Mini Camp Staff team. Tallulah will be 15 months and a solid member of the team!!! Also pictured, Mildred the turkey.


Of course Jake will be with us cooking, chopping wood and whatever other trouble he can get into.

The start of an amazing staff team I would say.

What makes a good staff member, or Big Kid? as we lovingly call our staff. Passion, enthusiasm and an open mind are the cornerstone of succeeding at The Farm. I tell all potential staff this may be the most physically demanding work you may ever do but also the most rewarding. 

Lindsay and I are so excited to work with both new and returning staff this year. If you are interested in learning more about our program and staff opportunities for 2018 please reach out and let us know. You can fill out the staff inquiry form, call the number below, or email me at