New Longacre Staff! Huxley the Puppy

Hi Longacre folks,

Jake and I wanted to introduce you to Huxley, the new addition to our family. Huxley is our four and a half month old Bernese Mountain Dog. In early November we brought home an 11 week old ball of fluff from our neighbor, Sadie. Sadie is the horse trainer we have visited during the summers, and who trained Firefly, Poppy and Spruce.

Jake and I have talked about getting a puppy for a while. However, it just never felt like the right time or the right dog for us. In late October, Sadie contacted me and said she had one puppy left, he had undergone a surgery on inverted eyelids, and had had a hernia surgery as well! No one wanted him. We went to meet him and it became apparent immediately that this puppy was the one for us. He is very sweet natured, has a calm energy, and loves being outside. November 12th we brought him home. 

I love having a puppy. Huxley comes everywhere with me: feeding horses, to the bank, food shopping, even into the local coffee shop. He is doing really well off leash on the farm and loves the snow. He is a quick learner and can already sit, lay down, and stay. He loves the cats and likes to follow Bombadil around the house. Oscar is not a huge fan, but puts up with him.

He is growing very quickly. He was 26 pounds at 11 weeks, and is now 50 pounds at 18 weeks. By summer he will be almost full grown. 

We cannot wait for you all to meet him! He is going to love all of the attention and snuggles farmers will give him.

Here are a couple of pictures.

IMG_0023 (1).JPG
IMG_0029 (1).JPG

Weeze & Jake