Pre-Camp Email #10 — Personal Property Policy

Date published: May 10th, 2017 | By Matthew

Hello 2017 Parents!

This Personal Property Policy covers the possession and use of personal property at camp. The following rules help to ensure the safety of campers and staff.

Campers may not possess or use tobacco, alcohol or drugs while enrolled. Campers may not bring weapons or animals from home. If we suspect possession or use of any of the above, we reserve the right to search personal property and seize any of the above without parental or camper permission.

Campers may bring personal sports equipment. Generally, equipment is to be kept with the camper owner in his or her cabin and is the responsibility of the camper. There are exceptions for potentially hazardous equipment, like fishing or archery equipment, which will be kept by Longacre Leadership Camp until needed by the camper owner. It is the family’s responsibility to inform Longacre Leadership Camp of potentially hazardous equipment. Longacre Leadership Camp will be the arbiter of whether equipment will be stored by the camper owner or by us. In the event that the equipment is stored by us, we will not pass that equipment to anyone but the camper owner. If Longacre Leadership Camp damages the equipment during storage, we will replace that equipment up to $150. If the value of your equipment exceeds $150, we advise you not to bring that equipment to camp. If the equipment is damaged while in the camper owner’s possession, or while in the hands of another camper, Longacre Leadership Camp is not liable.

No camper may use his or her own vehicle while enrolled. Exceptions require Longacre Leadership Camp’s expressed consent. Exceptions may be made for camper arrival and departure. In these cases, the camper’s vehicle must be parked in the Staff Parking Lot for the duration of the session(s), completely locked, with all keys and other means of access passed in to Longacre Leadership Camp. The camper may not access that vehicle at any time for the duration of the session(s), except on arrival and departure days.

Thank you for reading this and taking it seriously. If you have any questions, or need clarification, you can always reach me at 717-567-3349 or

Most sincerely,


Matthew T. Smith
Owner / Director
Longacre Leadership Camp

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