2017 Leadership Project Invitations

Date published: September 7th, 2016 | By Matthew

The Leadership Project is the pinnacle of the Longacre experience. For a full explanation of the Leadership Project please click Leadership Project.

The Leadership Project is invitation-only. Below is the list of farmers who earned an invitation for 2017. There are 13 girls and 12 boys.

Recipients are listed by years at the farm (e.g., 2017 would be Shannon's sixth year).

Sixth Year

Shannon M. *

Fifth Year

Chiara B. 
Dayna W.

Fourth Year

Jack C. 
Will F. 
Susanna G. *
Zoe H. 
Noah K. **
Hayden Q. 
David P. *
Nina S. **
Tallie S. 

Third Year

Grace CD
Max D. 
Austin EM **
Rebecca H. 
Cory J. **
Charlotte L. 
Olivia M. 

Second Year

Ilayda B. 
Luke CD **
Tom L. 
Maryana M. 
Holden S. 
Max S.

* Returning LK
** Not a farmer in 2016

Moving Forward

Congratulations all! You earned it. If and when you're ready to enroll, please fill out the apply form. At that time we'll be happy to answer any questions. (Of course you can contact us with questions before then too.) Thanks for reading.