2016 Parents Survey — Q4 Responses

Date published: April 10th, 2017 | By Matthew

At the end of each summer we send our camp parents a survey. Feedback from this survey helps us understand what we did well, what we did not-so-well, and what we need to improve for the following summer.

Two years ago, as part of a move toward greater transparency, we decided to publish every response from our parents survey — the good, the bad and the ugly. For more on the rationale behind this decision, check out this introduction.

We understand that Longacre Leadership Camp is not a typical camp. We understand that if you're a new family it can be tough to get your head around what we do. Our hope is that these responses will help clarify things a little bit.

There's some very interesting stuff in here. For a list of the eight questions we asked, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

A few notes first:

  • We are publishing all responses from every parent who responded, except for the one parent who did not give us permission
  • These answers have not been edited, even for punctuation or spelling
  • Words in brackets contained personally identifiable information that we removed

Here are the 40 responses from Question #4 of the 2016 Parents Survey.


"What was the most frustrating part of your experience with us?"

  1. There are no direct flights to and from L.A.!
  2. All the paperwork/forms I had to fill out...which I know you have minimal control over.
  3. I had a lengthy conversation with one of the program directors about the coming summer and about my child and she said she would call my child prior to the summer beginning to encourage certain things and that didn't happen until 2 days before camp began at which time they couldn't connect. I felt our conversation which had been so constructive was a bit of an undelivered promise.
  4. Well...we didn't quite get the memo about the visiting day change. But it's still all good. 😍
  5. Filling in the CampDoc (?) information - took much longer than I expected, and some of it seemed duplicative with other information given.
  6. Kids skipping lines without any repercussions.
  7. I didn't like group/giving uncomfortable feedback
  8. None!
  9. Too far away.
  10. Really none. Never liked the new media policy. Think it was a more meaningful experience for the kids without any phones, and ability to disconnect and be fully engaged.
  11. There was no frustrating part of our experience with Longacre.
  12. nothing
  13. Nothing
  14. -
  15. I very much appreciated the updates I received about the kids, especially [my younger son], during the blackout period. After the blackout period ended, during the last weekend, [he] did have one experience that was upsetting for him. [He] called home, asking us to come pick he up, and he was very emotional. After we talked, he agreed to try to handle his feelings with the help of his counselor, his brother, and Louise; and they reported back to me that all was well. In the meantime (after the initial call but before Louise and the boys called me), I had emailed Matt and [a senior counselor] in case [he] really did feel that he should leave camp. After all was resolved, I received an email from [that counselor] that really did not sit well with me. With the knowledge I already had of the event, it was very clear that I was being "managed" and the issue was minimized or that she actually had no idea what had transpired. This called into question the truthfulness of the earlier contacts I'd had about the boys and made me wonder how honest the reports had been.
  16. -
  17. None
  18. -
  19. -
  20. to get the way for our daughter from New York, JFK to Longacre
  21. no toilet
  22. NA
  23. none
  24. Would like more regular updates on what they are doing. Instagram was inconsistent.
  25. The drive time to come visit for parents' day.
  26. There was none
  27. -
  28. It's just so far away for us! But, that is actually a good thing too. I can't think of anything that I would label as frustrating. It's an excellent camp and everyone is great.
  29. It's not frustration, but ease of mind if we could see more videos of the campers. I would make them do at least 3 group instagram videos. And I would take the video while the kids are unaware as they goof around getting in line for a group picture. Such a video would provide insight on the atmosphere your kids are experiencing with respect to how they are interacting with other kids and adults.
  30. I found that there was limited guidance regarding drop off and pickup times and process. There were no time frames provided and we found out that the time we planned to pu was too late and were told we needed to come sooner. We would have planned better had we known in advance.
  31. None really
  32. Doesn't really have to do with the camp or it's staff … my child was reluctant to tell me about the activities she participated in on a daily basis.
  33. Food
  34. Didn't really have one.
  35. -
  36. The 9 hour round trip drive ;).
  37. Camp did not initiate check-in calls to alert me of how my child was doing.
  38. I was not able to upload the camp documents on my work computer, but ultimately not a big deal since I could upload them from home.
  39. none that i can think of
  40. none.

That's it.

If you're interested in the other questions from the 2016 Parents Survey, here they are:

  1. Why did you send your child to Longacre Leadership Camp this summer?
  2. Agree or disagree: "I received what I expected to receive."
  3. Overall, how would you rate your experience with us this summer?
  4. What was the most frustrating part of your experience with us?
  5. What's one thing we could have done to improve your experience?
  6. Has your child developed any skills here that will be helpful in "real life"? If so, what are they?
  7. How would you describe Longacre Leadership Camp to your friends?
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to refer us to other families?

If you're interested in the 2015 version of the parents survey, please go here: 2015 Parents Survey.

Thanks for reading!