2016 Parents Survey — Q3 Responses

Date published: April 10th, 2017 | By Matthew

At the end of each summer we send our camp parents a survey. Feedback from this survey helps us understand what we did well, what we did not-so-well, and what we need to improve for the following summer.

Two years ago, as part of a move toward greater transparency, we decided to publish every response from our parents survey — the good, the bad and the ugly. For more on the rationale behind this decision, check out this introduction.

We understand that Longacre Leadership Camp is not a typical camp. We understand that if you're a new family it can be tough to get your head around what we do. Our hope is that these responses will help clarify things a little bit.

There's some very interesting stuff in here. For a list of the eight questions we asked, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

A few notes first:

  • We are publishing all responses from every parent who responded, except for the one parent who did not give us permission
  • These answers have not been edited, even for punctuation or spelling
  • Words in brackets contained personally identifiable information that we removed

Here are the 40 responses from Question #3 of the 2016 Parents Survey.


"Overall, how would you rate your experience with us this summer?"

  1. Our kids loved Longacre! They thought it was exceptional.
  2. My daughter was so very happy! I was thrilled with the level of communication I received. I would rate the experience "worth every penny."
  3. perfect!
  4. It was amazing. This was a wonderful summer to transition Jason into his freshman year of college.
  5. It has been a very positive experience for all concerned.
  6. On a scale of 1-10, I will give it a 7. I felt more could have been done in the area of personal hygiene, tidiness and organising ones personal space and environment.
  7. 50000000/10
  8. My child enjoyed the time there and learned a lot.
  9. Very positive
  10. excellent
  11. I would rate Longacre a 10. My boys had an awesome time meeting new friends and enjoying all the activities.
  12. Excellent. [My son] had an incredible time!
  13. [My daughter] had a great time.
  14. Exceptional
  15. Overall, both boys had positive experiences and want to return. As a parent, my experience was mixed.
  16. A+
  17. My kids loved Longacre camp!
  18. super positive. But you might want to ask the key question: How likely would you be to recommend Longacre to a friend. It's called the Net Promoter Score. Look it up.
  19. Excellent
  20. only as a success for our family and our daughter
  21. Excellent
  22. Excellent
  23. Wonderful
  24. It was positive - he enjoyed it, but I am still seriously concerned for the future of the US - the focus, direction and maturity of the youth is extremely concerning - China and the Asia region will rule the world and US will be working for them
  25. I believe Longacre Leadership is a loving and nuturing environment for young people. My daughter has been on the receiving side of what Longacre has to offer. My wife and I continue to be amazed atthe progress our daughter has mad and the outpourong of love from the directors, big kids and farmers. I wish longacre was an option for me when I was a young person. It was a great experience for my daughter and us.
  26. This was my son's second year and he thrived even more than last year. Longacre provides the perfect combination to give young teens a chance to challenge themselves and learn the importance of helping others. Fabulous!!
  27. Great
  28. Excellent. I feel very good about leaving my son at Longacre.
  29. Brilliant staff, amazing big kids, and a loving and caring establishment. I wish I was as lucky as my son.
  30. As a parent it was great, we had some unexpected home sickness issues that were handled well by your team. Louise was a great communicator and kept me posted on the boys' progress. I was a mess for the first 2 weeks, but I was always confident that they were safe...if not always happy. I found myself checking instagram constantly for a glimpse of them! Best measure of your success was going from tears and misery to both saying that they wanted to go back next year on the car ride home!
  31. Very good Y daughter enjoyed her experience and made good friends.
  32. 9
  33. OK. Value added is diminishing. Unhappy with weight loss and reports of inadequate quantities of food.
  34. Excellent
  35. Very good
  36. Easy peasy. It was also great that [my older daughter] was so welcomed back when we picked up [my younger daughter].
  37. Very positive. When I called camp, I received a call back very promptly.
  38. Fantastic! Everyone at the camp was so warm and welcoming. My son had an incredible experience and said he wished he had started going to Longacre years ago.
  39. It was really excellent
  40. very good. my son plans to return next summer.

So that's that.

If you're interested in the other questions from the 2016 Parents Survey, here they are:

  1. Why did you send your child to Longacre Leadership Camp this summer?
  2. Agree or disagree: "I received what I expected to receive."
  3. Overall, how would you rate your experience with us this summer?
  4. What was the most frustrating part of your experience with us?
  5. What's one thing we could have done to improve your experience?
  6. Has your child developed any skills here that will be helpful in "real life"? If so, what are they?
  7. How would you describe Longacre Leadership Camp to your friends?
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to refer us to other families?

If you're interested in the 2015 version of the parents survey, please go here: 2015 Parents Survey.

Thanks for reading!