2015 Parents Survey — Q7 Responses

Date published: August 18th, 2016 | By Matthew


Below are the 44 responses to Question #7 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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"Have you seen transformations in your child since he or she arrived home? If yes, what?"

  1. I will have to revisit his experience at the camp
  2. better communication skills, more self assurance
  3. [Our daughter] happens to have come to Longacre at an incredibly important time in her life when she has undergone a transformation right before my eyes from girl to young woman. She has matured so dramatically in the past twelve months, and I believe her Longacre experiences are a large part of the equation which has lead to her growth and success. She was talking to me using direct communication skills she learned at Longacre and was teaching me how to better articulate myself in one conversation we had shortly after her return this year. [She] continues to apply Longacre lessons to her life at home and I am happy to report that life is calmer, more peaceful, and more productive because her Longacre lessons stay with her throughout the year.
  4. Learned more about responsibility
  5. Appreciation of nature
  6. Increased confidence and independence. Speaks out more. Listens better. Cooks. Tries new things. More comfortable with broader age range of people.
  7. Absolutely. I think she realized that she's stronger/tougher than she thought she was and could do with a lot less (i.e. running toilets, electricity, other creature comforts) and manage to have just as much if not more fun. She made new friends quickly and easily and really valued those bonds. She truly felt at home at Longacre and actually seemed a bit "older" when we picked her up only 10 days later.
  8. Yes, a greater willingness to be independent and tackle home duties without complaint.
  9. Well, our son left home in a pretty bad mood, didn't want to stay in the camp longer than a week, in the end stayed through the whole session and returned a calmer kinder person. I am glad he stayed through the end.
  10. Absolutely. He is much more communicative and open (for a teenage boy)
  11. Improved Confidence
  12. No
  13. Yes, she is better able to talk through disagreements, and even coaches her siblings by saying things like, "how do you know how I feel", Or, "don't project your feelings onto me". Can be a little hard for us, but perhaps a little "Intro to Group" handout for parents, so we understand your process better.
  14. Yes, as with last summer, we have seen huge growth in self awareness and with it, self confidence
  15. I think the group communication work has made her more sensitive to other's feelings. While we were driving home she told me that she had missed me, which was nice but wasn't something I'd expect to hear from a 13-year-old.
  16. Yes. He can cooking by himself, and more confident,more brave.
  17. Yes. She's maturing. She's not more vocal in terms of sharing with us which I'm hoping will get gradually better.
  18. Yes. He comes home more mature and responsible.
  19. Yes. In all three.
  20. They are more willing to try things on their own and take repo stability for their space and things.
  21. Yes,she doesn't sulk to do her chores anymore
  22. They like to meet new people, seem to make new friends quicker, can talk to adults better, and can clean up after themselves!!
  23. This year she had a much easier transition home and she also seems to be participating with the family more.
  24. Yes,her self-confidence is improved because she saw that she can make a lot of friends in a good environment
  25. I have not seen a transformation, just more growth. He has matured and become more confident/ independent since his return.
  26. No. :-(
  27. Yes. I see more confidence and maturity after this experience.
  28. Both [our children] seem more self assured after this time at Longacre.
  29. Yes. [Our son] is more self-directed in some areas. He's also less eager/needy for parental approval (which is taking some getting used to, but we know it's developmental appropriate!).
  30. [Our daughter] is continuing to grow on her ability to handle new or frustrating situations.
  31. He is a little more proactive with helping out....I like that. although he is back to electronics :(
  32. in writing, he is really better able to express his feelings. seems to take a bit more responsibility at home, more responsible.
  33. Yes! Wow! She's like a different person - or maybe I should say she's more fully & happily herself. She came home happy, poised, grounded, more fit and healthy and more mature. She's cleaned up the kitchen without being asked, taken the dog on long walks and generally just been delightful to be around. She seems more centered, content and clear about her goals. She told me that the work at Longacre was hard, but surprisingly satisfying. She also really enjoyed quiet times in nature and took the opportunity to reflect and work on mindfulness. It was an excellent experience for her and continues to be an excellent experience for us. Thank you!
  34. [He] always comes back happy, more social and seems "a little bit more grown up".
  35. Yes, we see him now easily establishing communication with strangers. More confident in communication.
  36. Yes. She's better able to manage herself in an unstructured setting. She has more patience, more resilience - doesn't break down in adversity or after setbacks.
  37. Yes. My son is much more willing to be independent and to connect with his friends and stretch he comfort zone than he was before camp.
  38. Yes, he seems to take on tasks more willingly and seems more confident. We'll see if it helps with his school experience.
  39. Yes. The hallmark of a Longacre kid is the ability to communicate verbally, and to be more responsible with chores at home (washing dishes, helping with laundry, etc).
  40. Absolutely. Her ability to communicate her thoughts and feelings has changed dramatically. Mind you, she's still a frustrated teenager, but I could tell right away the impact Longacre had on her. My daughter learned some difficult life lessons in quick succession this summer and her experience at Longacre gave her the confidence and security to process and handle them in the best way she could. While I was sad she hadn't had a "perfect" time at camp, I was very proud of her and grateful for Longacre for reinforcing and building on the skills we value at home.
  41. Yes! More confident and competent, more open with better communication skills, eager to lend a hand where needed, and the deep contentment of finding a place where he really "belongs".
  42. Yes. She has been much more comfortable with herself and is able to see superficiality and cattiness amongst her friends from school; she seems more willing to take steps to NOT be a part of this hurtful behavior pattern during the next school year. We hope it lasts!
  43. Yes. She became mch more supportive, more willing to do housework.

These were the responses to Question #7, the final question on our 2015 Parents Survey. Thank you for reading!

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