2015 Parents Survey — Q6 Responses

Date published: August 17th, 2016 | By Matthew


Below are the 44 responses to Question #6 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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"What does Longacre do better than other summer camps?"

  1. I liked that you have the kids give each other feed back on how they can improve
  2. creates an accepting, emotionally safe environment and an inclusive community
  3. I think you are really good at reaching out to the parents and trying to establish a very personal relationship with them. You make yourselves very accessible and provide us many opportunities and forums (such as this survey) to give honest input about our (collective) experiences with/at Longacre.
  4. Self-sufficient camp; opportunities to work with animals; food
  5. Personal attention Group processing of feelings
  6. Choice and.independence, diversity, group feedback sessions, running a real farm, strong leadership and mentoring, not a "one size fits all" approach but can be tailored to each teenager's personality and needs.
  7. Teaches independence and self-reliance in an authentic, natural way. Really makes kids feel like they fit in and are part of something bigger themselves.
  8. Service projects!
  9. This is our only summer camp experience.
  10. I believe Longacre is better in teaching kids independence and responsibility, as it provides a daily opportunity in making choices and dealing with consequences of those choices. Also, daily group discussions encourages reflective thinking and better understanding of oneself and others, which is very beneficial at this (or any) age.
  11. We love the communication aspect and teaching manual labor.
  12. Greater interactive camping e experience. Making decisions and working together.
  13. Not sure
  14. Helps kids handle their feelings and how to communicate with others in a non-threatening manner.
  15. Through real experience, teach responsibility and direct communication
  16. The group work on communication every evening is unique to Longacre,as is the shared cooking.
  17. The staffs are very kindly!
  18. It incorporates fun with responsibility and leadership skills.
  19. You expand the farmers horizon in areas that they never knew existed. You have a strict policy about technology.
  20. Communicate with parents.
  21. Supports a child's journey to independence and self sufficiency.
  22. Teaching independent with responsibility
  23. See #1. The ratio of adults to kids is amazing. Having the CITs going to sleep when the kids do is great. I'm glad my boys got to bed at a decent time. Longacre also does a good job of attacking the "problem not the person".
  24. We've not been to other camps so we don't have anything to measure this by.
  26. I believe the counselor to camper ratio is better at Longacre. I also believe your attitude and positive approach to mentoring is much better. My son told me no one yelled at him or gave him a hard time the entire week. He felt important. This is quite different from the sports camps and other weekly summer camps he attends.
  27. Gets to really know each kid. Also, flexible and responsive staff.
  28. Provide a haven where everyone can be their true self,and where everyone belongs and can discover things about themselves.
  29. Longacre is the best organization I've ever encountered at building community.
  30. I don't have any experience with other sleepaway camps.
  31. I really appreciate the stability and professionalism of the staff. Many camps are hiring seasonal workers who sometimes seem like campers themselves.
  32. Sense of community.
  33. empower teens, bring an eclectic group of teens together and help them bond. Loved hearing about all the new friendships, especially with kids from other countries.
  34. Longacre focuses on personal growth and helping young people bridge the gap into adulthood with a feeling of confidence and competence.
  35. I think that Longacre gives the campers a real sense of community and provides a framework for accountability and personal responsibility within a group.
  36. This was the first summer camp for my son.
  37. Getting to know each child. Being incredibly sensitive and perceptive about each one's needs.
  38. I would have to say you encourage kids to recognize and develop their own skills and learn to happily work together
  39. A very good camper/counselor ratio. It allows campers to choose activities. It requires campers to work and take responsibility.
  40. Longacre teaches teenagers how to get in touch with themselves and their communities, to be honest with themselves and their communities, and to value hard work and responsibility, and to believe in their ability to tackle emotionally and physically difficult challenges.
  41. It offers an atypical summer camp experience for the confident kid.
  42. The quality of the staff, the focus on personal development (e.g. group), the climate of acceptance and the value of being part of a community, as well as the consideration of individual needs.
  43. Longacre is wonderful at creating an atmosphere that helps teens overcome the natural self-consciousness and "posturing" that often overwhelms social interactions at this age. Longacre helps farmers feel comfortable taking risks.
  44. Had no experience with other camps.

These were the responses to Question #6.

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