2015 Parents Survey — Q5 Responses

Date published: August 16th, 2016 | By Matthew


Below are the 44 responses to Question #5 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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"Would you refer us to other families? If so, why?"

  1. Absolutely
  2. Have done so already
  3. Definitely. The Longacre experience is so unique and challenging for any kid that participates. My daughter has left the farm these past two summers knowing herself a little better and understanding more, what she is made of. There is a sense of pride of having "been there and accomplished that" as well as a sense of humility because of some of what it is that [she] accomplished -- shoveling maneuer or washing dishes on crew, or receiving feedback from a friend about what she can work harder at, during group. It seems every day there was an opportunity to learn and grow.
  4. Yes
  5. Of course, we loved the no devises, in the moment, cooperative environment.
  6. Yes
  7. Definitely - although now [my daughter], who was initially nervous about attending camp without a friend, doesn't want us to to "talk it up" to any of her friends' parents because she wants to keep the experience as her own!
  8. Yes. I love your service model, commitment to scholarships and leadership program.
  9. Yes. It is a terrific growth experience for a child and an opportunity for them to further develop their self-awareness and communication skills with their peers and elders.
  10. Yes, I will and I am telling people about your camp. I think it's a very good alternative to camps that provide only the entertainment to visiting kids.
  11. We already have...several times
  12. Yes, very positive e experience. Longacre is a special place.
  13. Don't know
  14. Yes, many of my friends like that the farm angle of your camp - the idea that the kids have jobs to do beyond just cleaning up in the mess hall, like many sleep aways do.
  15. Yes. I think it is a unique experience that has the ability to encourage and develop communication skills that have lifelong value
  16. Yes and no. We do like the camp but I am not sure if it is for everyone. I would refer families who would appreciate your commitment to the communication aspect of the camp. For parents seeking a more "traditional" camp it might for be a good fit.
  17. Yes
  18. Absolutely! I think it's a unique summer for young people. I love the diversity and that kids come from all over the world. One of the highlights for our daughter was when her friend from Turkey cooked a Turkish meal for everyone. She not only lived the food and tried things she would never try at home...but she also wanted recipes to try and cook the same meal for us. She hasn't followed through yet but that's the kind of thing I think is great. Exposure to other cultures and then bringing a piece back home.
  19. Yes. It is a great place to spend the summer.
  20. Sure!
  21. Yes! It is a great opportunity for children to step away from their routines and experience a taste of independence.
  22. Yes,because she she was taught to work in groups and have a daily chore which is very imperative to a teenager.
  23. Yes!!! See #1. Plus I love the group component.
  24. Yes, because Longacre has been a great growth and learning experience for [our daughter].
  25. Yes, because overall my child loved the camp and improved her social skills
  26. Yes, I would refer you to other families. But Honestly I would be very choosy about who I would recommend to you.
  27. Yes, I think it's a great program for the right kid, and the staff is extremely accessible and responsive.
  28. Yes, I am excited about finding such a unique, caring, nurturing, positive and wholesome place for my kids to be happy and grow. Longacre is a fabulous contrast also to a hectic, fast paced, and often stressful school .year.
  29. Yes, I think that Longacre offers an environment that is so needed and welcome in the lives of young people. The chance to stretch into roles, feel comfortable and secure with friends and adults and practice the skills that really do make life better is an amazing thing to offer to people. keep up the amazing work!
  30. Definitely--I think the Longacre experience is a great one and one from which my friends' children could also benefit.
  31. Yes and we have! However so far no one is willing to send their kid to camp 3000 miles away...
  32. yes...for those looking for an old fashioned camp experience.
  33. yes, great experience for teens
  34. Absolutely. You run your camp professionally and communicate so well. Best of all, you help young people to gain confidence in their own abilities, to grow and mature.
  35. Absolutely. Our son has thrived at Longacre and it has been an amazing experience for him.
  36. Yes. It's a good experience for teen to have a productive summer. Programs are well designed and most importantly children are in safe and right hands during their stay at Longacre.
  37. Yes! Our daughter had a great experience. Her growth is noticeable.
  38. Absolutely. The camp is small enough to not overwhelm any kid and the structure of the camp fosters teamwork and relationship building.
  39. Yes. I think the directors and counselors were wonderful. The camper/counselor ratio is excellent. The setting is perfect for teenagers to learn some core values and have fun.
  40. Of course.
  41. Absolutely. For the right kid, it offers a wonderful alternative to more mainstream summer camps.
  42. Yes, I have passed along the information with strong recommendations due to the factors noted above.
  43. Yes! Our daughter came home much more confident, more willing to be herself (even if that involves being "different" from her peers/friends), more comfortable being friends with girls and boys of various ages. She became more independent and capable this summer. We think Longacre does a fantastic job creating an environment that fosters growth in these ways.
  44. You are the best camp in the Universe.
  45. See above. Everything else was perfect.

These were the responses to Question #5.

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