2015 Parents Survey — Q4 Responses

Date published: August 15th, 2016 | By Matthew

Below are the 44 responses to Question #4 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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"What was the most frustrating part of your experience with us, from first inquiry to final pick up?"

  1. Getting to the camp site. Once you were at the main road figuring out that you had to make a left to get to the camp
  2. N/A
  3. I do wish I had been called when [my daughter] had some anxiety over getting into the raft for the whitewater rafting trip. I believe she could have been coaxed into the raft. I also am aware that the rafting company was putting pressure on the situation to get it resolved quickly. Not the end of the world, however, I wish she had made it into the boat.
  4. Rushed to get registration done in order to quality for discount
  5. Camp Doc, trying to work with
  6. It's a long drive.
  7. The only (slight) criticism I have is that when we arrived, our daughter's CIT was not in her tent to greet her. Although another lovely CIT helped get her settled, our daughter was a bit anxious about us leaving and I think having the tent CIT present would have made it easier for us to break away - and would have helped relieve our daughter's anxiety. Although we headed back to the main building and met a couple of counselors there, no one really stepped in to kind of say, "I've got [her], she'll be fine with me until her CIT shows up." Only when our friend arrived, a former camper whose kids were also attending Mini-Camp, and she offered to take [our daughter] on a tour, did [her] anxiety abate enough for us to leave and not worry about her.
  8. The communication during camp.
  9. There have been none. Susan and Matt are exceptional at customer service and Louise has been a true professional from start to finish.
  10. Can't think of anything.
  11. I can't think of any
  13. Na
  14. Visiting day was a bust. We drove 3 hrs only to have our daughter say she was too tired to visit. It was hard for her to handle seeing us in her camp world. Not sure there is anything you can do about that.
  16. I really like that you are good about what to expect and I can't think of anything that was particularly frustrating.
  18. I didn't really have frustrations. I suppose one of the expectations at such a small camp is that the staff gets to know our kids intimately enough that there's then an opportunity to challenge them in ways they might not do on their own. So I think that should maybe be more of a focus. Nothing makes parents happier than to hear from their kid that they did something personally challenging...and really responded well. I'm sure that happens in small ways on a daily basis but maybe I'm talking more about some bigger things.
  19. Louise and Jake were not available on the first day of the second session.
  20. Receiving a distressed phone ca from my child and realizing that there was no one at camp to make her feel supported and safe.
  21. I did not feel frustrated.
  22. The bugs and spiders frustrated her.
  23. See above. But really, it wasn't that big a deal.
  24. We did not experience any frustrations.
  25. none
  26. There was no frustration. This was a first camp experience for my son. I believe this was harder on me than him. :)
  27. Not knowing in advance that she was the only one being picked up in DC. We did the pickup so she could make friends on the way to camp and to be energy-efficient. There was also room for her gear in the car, but we'd already gone to the trouble expense of shipping it.
  28. I did not find anything in the process to be frustrating.
  29. I was a little confused about [her friend] and [my daughter] being in the same tent. Understanding that they were good buddies from last year, and not the same age, etc. We had come into it with the expectation that none of [my daughter], [her one friend] or [her other friend] would be in teh same tent. When I discovered that, I was fearful that [her other friend] would end up making a big deal out of it. The fact that I don't know if that happened in real life is a good thing from my point of view.
  30. I didn't find the experience to be frustration at all, but it does seem as though much/most of the printed material is geared toward the regular camp sessions. So, for instance, I am not really sure how much clothing he should bring/which day he might do laundry and how much spending money is appropriate for mini-camp. We've obviously figured it out along the way, but more written info might help new mini-campers
  31. NA
  32. I really didn't find anything frustrating..only the lack of pool.
  33. nothing very frustrating
  34. I can't think of anything particularly frustrating. There was some confusion about payment for extra activities that I couldn't easily deal with from overseas, but it wasn't a big problem.
  35. All of [our son's] needs were graciously accommodated. I can't think of anything that was frustrating.
  36. Nothing I could mention other than the locating the spot.
  37. I was a little surprised to see a significantly larger group of kids this year in first session. The camp seemed crowded. Some international students seemed to lack adequate English language skills.
  38. Nothing
  39. Since we were not able to come to visit day, our son felt somewhat left out during that time. Maybe have something for those who don't have visitors to occupy them at this time.
  40. There was nothing frustrating.
  41. See above.
  42. N/A
  43. Nothing very significant; see above (#3).
  44. See above. Everything else was perfect.

These were the responses to Question #4.

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