2015 Parents Survey — Q3 Responses

Date published: August 14th, 2016 | By Matthew


Below are the 44 responses to Question #3 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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"What is the one thing we could do to create a better experience for you?"

  1. Understanding better the sleeping arrangements and facilities
  2. n/a
  3. My experience was wonderful, as was [my daughter's] for the most part. [She] did complain to me about the LKs in her tent. If memory serves me correctly, she felt they were not inclusive at times and were not always consistent following through with rules (although I can't remember which ones). [My daughter] is a big "by the book" person and does not like to sway from the rules. If you ask her, rules are NOT made to be broken. I can follow up with [her] (or you can) if you want more info on this. I feel like I'm being vague, but I don't remember the details.
  4. Transportation built in to main camp cost
  5. Can't come up with a thing I would change or add.
  6. Make school 3 months and Longacre 9 months :-)
  7. I probably could have been a little better informed about things like: can you send care packages (apparently we were some of the only parents who didn't), how much money to leave with our child (we left the minimum, which barely covered the cost of Hershey Park; we assumed camp was covering the entrance fee), is it okay to send electronics (we didn't, and our daughter was fine with that, but I guess a lot of kids had them), stuff like that.
  8. Better communication. I didn't feel that I ever had a good sense of how he was doing at camp. I was told there would be a check in at some point along the way.
  9. Personally I don't love the enforced first week phone disconnect. While I understand the rationale for it, I would prefer at least a mid-week check-in from my child.
  10. No complains about Longacre; our problem is our son's attitude.
  11. I can't think of anything. He had a great time again, but he felt that 6 weeks was a bit long for him.
  13. Communication
  14. Overall the experience was good. Perhaps more structure to visiting day.
  16. We lugged her bike to the camp but didn't use it. I think if there was a plan for a bike trip it would have made more sense to bring it.
  17. No.
  18. There were a few things on your website that I glommed onto like following a vet and your drama program that were never offered. That was really my only disappointment.
  19. Post some picture on your Facebook page earlier to give some examples of the new projects that are taking place over the summer.
  20. There's always room for improvement.
  21. We would love to see some pictures of the day to day activities.
  22. She preferred cabins to tents.
  23. As a first time parent of a camper, I would have liked an email about a month out with info about times to drop off and pick up, what activities they might be doing (like Hershey park) and what the kids might be spending extra money on. The $40/week, didn't cover Hershey Park ( I didn't know you took $30). I would have sent more for them to buy meals, play games, and get treats. I felt badly for them that they had to ask for Louise to cover their dinner.
  24. relocate the farm to the Va area so we don't have to drive so far. On a more serious note, we are happy with our experience.
  25. To improve food quality and sanitary conditions
  26. I would suggest you offer an informal orientation upon arrival to camp for the campers and parents. I would also suggest e mail updates during the campers stay to keep the parents up to date on their successes and challenges.
  27. Can't think of anything!
  29. I think a more energetic greeting experience upon minicamp arrival would make the transition easier for some (not us.) I can only imagine how hard it is to say hi and welcome to Longacre for the 3rd session of the summer, but that doesn't change the fact that those kids are little and scared. For me and my experience, send them home with their bikes next year.
  30. As the parent of a mini-camper, I would really love to see more frequent facebook and instagram posts during the ten days--it makes it easier not to call when I can see what the kids are doing.
  31. NA
  32. I was upset that there was no swimming. Camp should have swimming on hot summer days. One in ten days is not enough. Also [my son] didn't get to do a few of the things he wanted to. Also didn't love the conditions of the animal area...ducks/chicks, pig
  33. Easier, more convenient transportation from Boston.
  34. I think [my daughter] would have liked more time with Louise to work on learning natural horsemanship techniques. She had plenty of time for trail rides and caring for the horses, but I think she wanted more learning time.
  35. Nothing comes to mind.
  36. We had little difficulties to find the location while dropping our son. A proper signage with indication on those special days would be helpful.
  37. A little more communication during the session about activities and what's going on.
  38. Nothing I can think of. You empowered my son to be independent and he loved it.
  39. Not be so far away! Actually, I'm not sure of anything at this point.
  40. Be more clear about drop off, visiting day, and pick up times.
  41. Open the swimming pool.
  42. Post photos on social media during the camp experience -- we have minimal contact during his time there and would love to see what is going on as a way to stay connected.
  43. We were never able to reach anyone using the Longacre telephone line for farmers to use (the phone rang endlessly the few times we tried to call, which was in the late afternoon or evening). It would be helpful to know whether to actually use this line or use our child's cell phone in the future.
  44. Contact opportunities. Our daughter left -- and she was gone. No communication. We were worried. Once a week, parents want to khow if their child is OK.

These were the responses to Question #3.

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