2015 Parents Survey — Q2 Responses

Date published: August 13th, 2016 | By Matthew


Below are the 44 responses to Question #2 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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Note: Words below replaced by [brackets] contain personally identifiable information. We agreed to remove all personally identifiable information when parents gave us consent to publish their responses.

"Overall how would you rate your experience with us this year?"

  1. Good
  2. Fabulous
  3. Fantastic! Exceptional! Superb!
  4. High expectations were met
  5. Couldn't have wanted more. 10 out of 10.
  6. Excellent
  7. My daughter had an excellent first experience at Mini-Camp this summer.
  8. Good
  9. It was an excellent experience and I appreciated that [he] did a better job of keeping in touch with home.
  10. Very good.
  11. excellent!
  12. Excellent
  13. Don't know
  14. My daughter had a good experience there, so I would rate our overall experience as high.
  15. amazing!
  16. I would rate it a 9.
  17. We are very satisfied with it.
  18. Good. Certain expectations were not met but overall my child had a great 3 weeks and wants to go again next summer.
  19. Outstanding
  20. Super.
  21. It was a wonderful experience from registration to pick up day.
  22. Awesome experience. .10
  23. 10! Excellent!
  24. Good
  25. Excellent
  26. I would rate the experience very good. The initial interactions with both Susan and Matthew were wonderful. I would however, have liked a bit more of an introduction to the camp upon arrival.
  27. It turned out to not be the right camp for [our daughter], but the directors were great about talking with us and [her] and trying to make it work for her.
  28. On behalf of both of my boys, the experience this year was excellent.
  29. great
  30. [Our son] seemed to have a great experience.
  31. Fantastic!
  32. 7
  33. very good
  34. Excellent. I felt confident letting [her] go to Longacre even though we were far away. I knew I was leaving her in good hands. She had a wonderful time and grew so much in 3 weeks!
  35. It was [our son's] third year and each year seems to get better and better. [He] had an amazing summer.
  36. Very good. Response to any query was very prompt. People are friendly and helpful.
  37. As a parent, pretty good.
  38. Fantastic! My son not only made friends but has kept in touch with them and within 10 minutes of being in the car to drive home said he wanted to come back next year!
  39. It was excellent. We felt comfortable leaving our child there and felt we could also communicate with someone as needed.
  40. A+ fucking plus.
  41. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it an 8 for two reasons: my child had some issues and I would have liked more direct communication with a director or counselor.
  42. Superior! It is hard to put into words how the experience at Longacre contributes to [our son's] self-confidence, work ethic, and overall personal growth.
  43. We had a very positive experience. She had a hard time adjusting at the beginning, but she ended up having a great time.
  44. From one to ten, the ten being the best, it is about 1000. Our daughter loved it. Our daughter came back and washed dishes and now she regularly cleans her room. We are amazed.

These were the responses to Question #2.

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