2015 Parents Survey — Q1 Responses

Date published: August 12th, 2016 | By Matthew

Below are the 44 responses to Question #1 of our 2015 Parents Survey.

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"Why did you send your child to Longacre?"

  1. Wanted him to experience some independence.
  2. Small, nurturing, healthy environment
  3. I thought the non-traditional camp structure of Longacre's summer program would be a good match for [our daughter]. The emphasis on community, and taking an active role in contributing to the greater whole was very appealing to me. Longacre teaches responsibility, demands participation and subsequently trains kids to have more resilience and grit -- something [she] lacked at the start of her first summer there. What's amazing is they have so much fun all the while! [Our daughter] came home this past summer feeling more confident, having developed strong bonds/friendships with her peers. She has also developed a greater sense of what her appropriate place in the world is now (a worker, a citizen, a contributor, a student) as well as what that place may grow into (a leader, a creator, an innovator, a caretaker, a survivor) in the near and distant future.
  4. A different experience; overnight camp; try a leadership camp
  5. For the experience of being connected to the present vs always looking ahead. For the group/ leadership experience
  6. Child asked to go to Longacre and we have had good experience in the past.
  7. The whole philosophy of community and independence and finding the leader within really resonated with us and seemed like a good fit for our daughter.
  8. To have a different experience away from home. He wanted to try an out of state camp.
  9. [Our son] loved Longacre the year prior and was very excited to return for year two.
  10. He enjoyed Longacre during his three weeks in the summer of 2014 and asked to go again.
  11. 6 weeks
  12. Due to positive experience from a friend and longacre is a different camping experience.
  13. Improve social abilities
  14. She wanted to attend an overnight camp. She selected it based on recommendation from a friend.
  15. We thought it combined two passions--farming/animals and participation in a community
  16. She went last year and had a good time.
  17. Because my child like the staff and enjoying the activities.
  18. She liked the idea of being on a farm. She loves animals.
  19. He enjoyed it so much previous year, he wanted to go back.
  20. I worked for Susan and Roger Smith as an adolescent.
  21. Great camp experience, great people and great philosophy.
  22. To have an experience living outside the home and understand a different way of life.
  23. I wanted to give them some independence and the opportunity to make new friends. I like Longacres philosophy and I knew they would be well cared for since it was there first time away. I also liked the specific ages of 8-12.
  24. Foster independence, learn how to give and receive feedback, and learning to work as part of a team, while living in a farm environment.
  25. For her gain some experience and exposure to new things
  26. Longacre was recommended by a friend who has sent their son. I felt it would be a growth opportunity for my son.
  27. She wants to be go into sustainable agriculture.
  28. To provide an experience that encourages growth, responsibility, independence, freedom/choices, confidence , acceptance and a lot of fun too.
  29. History, and they wanted to return
  30. We see leadership potential in [our son] and want to nurture both it and his independence--also because he had so much fun last year!
  31. We love the values that Longacre embodies and instills. The staff is outstanding - it is clear they truly know and care about [our daughter].
  32. I thought it was good to get my son out in nature again. Also his friend was going.
  33. To gain confidence, leadership skills, learn to better commuuncate and talk about feelings, fun activities can't do at home
  34. A few reasons - first b/c she had hoped to work on a dude ranch in [a Western state] for the summer but that fell through when the ranch got new owners. She still wanted to work with horses and not just do a traditional (more passive) camp experience. We had also planned a trip [abroad] as a graduation gift to our older son. She didn't want to join us on that either, since the emphasis would be on exploring World War II history. In our search for a camp that offered natural horsemanship training, we came across your website. I knew right away you offered the perfect combination of experiences for [our daughter]. While the horses were the draw, I felt strongly that the emphasis on independence and life & leadership skills would be great for [her].
  35. [Our son] loves animals and the farm experience seemed like a good fit for him. Also Longacre felt like a place where individuals would be supported in their personal growth and encouraged to accomplish new challenges, all while having fun.
  36. To have a productive summer, exposure in different cultures, develop independent living skills, team building, communication and leadership skills.
  37. She had a very good experience last year. The camp seemed well suited to her - right mix of structure, risk-taking, personal attention.
  38. For growth, independence and social development.
  39. To give him a natural and safe environment to develop some leadership skills and grow in being a responsible young adult.
  40. to learn leadership skills, communication skills, to connect with a great community, to strengthen her self esteem, and to have a great time.
  41. For the unique summer camp experience Longacre offers.
  42. The growth-oriented focus of the camp, the incredibly supportive and nurturing environment, the values of the camp, and the opportunities and experineces offered.
  43. We wanted her to have a summer experience in a strongly supportive community setting. We wanted her to take risks with new activities and gain a new perspective about life through this experience. We really wanted her to interact with peers in a positive social climate (unlike middle school).
  44. To rest, to learn, and to get away from electronic devices.

These were the responses to Question #1.

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