Guiding principles

How we work
We are long-term owners, embracing the potential of our businesses while supporting the people behind the scenes.


Our decentralised model means our businesses make decisions locally, enabling our management teams and employees to make their own decisions on-site.

Fast, flexible decision-making

The Longacre Group team is small, highly motivated and takes decisions quickly and transparently. We work closely with our companies, so we are up to speed with performance and key issues, ensuring our management teams and businesses remain dynamic.

Long-term thinking

From strategic planning to employee training and development, we actively drive our businesses to deliver stronger performance by enabling them to invest and plan for sustainable growth.

Good Custodians

We take our ownership responsibility seriously. Longacre was established to ensure we can make the best decisions for the businesses we own.

As an owner, we aim to do the right thing for all stakeholders in any given situation. This includes our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.

It is only by behaving in this way that we can achieve our objective of sustainable long-term growth.

Adding Value

Longacre Group are expert in managing mid-sized companies and ensuring our businesses have everything they need to reach their full potential. We do this through:


Where required, Longacre can bring in a new CEO and help build the senior team in the event of a retirement sale or corporate carve-out


Working with management to build a long-term strategic plan


Assisting in identifying and executing acquisitions for our businesses

Central functional support

Providing the finance, legal, IT, marketing and specific project support, which can otherwise overwhelm stretched management teams

Our team makes us what we are

Meet the people behind Longacre and its companies.