Longacre Leadership Camp
Enrollment Agreement 2018

1. Campers are not permitted to use or possess tobacco, liquor or narcotics. Campers are not permitted to engage in sexual contact. Campers are not permitted to endanger the wellbeing of themselves or others through destructive or unsafe behavior, disrespect or theft. If such circumstances arise, Longacre may dismiss the camper permanently.

2. Full refunds will be given prior to March 1, 2018. Half refunds will be given prior to May 1st, 2018. No refunds after May 1st, 2018. for late arrival or for dismissal for cause.

3. In the event of any emergency in which the parent cannot be contacted, the Directors reserve the right and are hereby authorized to have the camper hospitalized, or to use outside medical, surgical, or dental aid. All such expenses shall be paid by the parent, if not otherwise covered by the camper’s personal health & accident insurance policy. It is important that you keep Longacre informed of your summer contact information.

4. Your child may use hazardous equipment, may participate in any trip or activity organized by the staff on or off the grounds, and may travel, when deemed necessary, via public carrier or via vehicles operated by Longacre Farm. I grant permission for my child to participate in these Activities.

5. "The first week of sessions 1 and 2 are our "blackout period," where we ask our campers to relinquish their technological devices to our control. We do this so our teens can focus on building community here before reaching back out to the outside world. We will re-issue camper technology at the end of week 1. Please let your teen know about this before they arrive. Because we are living on a farm, this is a rustic environment and there is always the possibility that a device may get broken, lost or damaged. If you choose to send your child with technology, itis at your risk. Any item that is lost, broken, stolen, or damaged during the duration of your child's stay at Longacre is your responsibility. There will be no compensation for repair or replacement. We understand that our child may use his/her device at the discretion of Longacre Leadership Program and the rules they choose.If my child repeatedly fails to do so, Longacre Leadership retains the right to hold the device for the duration of the program.

6. The Directors reserve the right to send home a camper whose condition, conduct or influence is deemed unsatisfactory or inimical to the best interests of the camp. In such instance, no refund will be given.

7. No reduction or allowance is made for the late arrival or early withdrawal of a camper, regardless of reason.

8. Program is subject to change without prior notice.

9. We suggest that you consult your insurance agent to make sure that your child’s equipment and personal belongings are covered while in transit or at camp. The camp is not responsible for such loss or damage by fire, theft, laundry, etc.

10. Acceptance and execution of this agreement will be completed upon acknowledgement of receipt of your payment by Longacre.

11. No change to this agreement may be made unless in writing and signed on behalf of Longacre.

12. I understand that part of the camping experience involves activities and group interactions that may be new to my child and that they come with uncertainties beyond what my child may be used to dealing with at home. Such risks include uneven terrain, standing and moving water, wildlife encounters including mammals, reptiles and insects. I am also aware that my child may participate in off-campus activities such as rock-climbing and community service that involve additional risks. In addition, there are certain unavoidable risks associated with various game and play activities such as collisions, wayward objects such as balls and other equipment and other risks. I am aware of these risks, and I am assuming them on behalf of my child. I realize that no environment is risk-free, and so I have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by the camp’s rules, and my child and I both agree that he or she is familiar with these rules and will obey them.

13. I authorize an physician, nurse or other health care provider, to communicate with the medical staff and Directors of Longacre or their designees about my child’s medical condition, treatment, and/or prognosis. We further authorize the camp medical staff to discuss any medical conditions with the directors, their designees, or the child's counselor when the medical staff, in its sole discretion, believes such communication to be in the best interest of the child. These authorizations are limited to June 24th, 2018 through August 15th, 2018.

14. I agree that any dispute concerning, relating, arising out of or referring to the subject matter of this contract shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration in Perry County, PA, where Longacre is located, according to the then existing commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association and the substantive laws of that state unless Longacre, in its sole discretion, selects a different forum. The arbitrator and not any federal, state or local court or agency shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionability, or formation of this contract, including but not limited to any claim that all or any part of this contract is void or violable. Or -- It is agreed that any dispute or cause of action arising between the parties, whether out of this agreement or otherwise, can only be brought to the Perry County Courthouse located in Perry County, Pennsylvania, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Pennsylvania.

15. In the event that the opening of Longacre is delayed or camp ends early due to an act of God or civil authority or other reason beyond the control of camp, no adjustment of tuition will be made.

16. Photographs/videos/statements of/by/about your child may be used in promoting Longacre Leadership Camp. If you do not want these to be used, please let the Directors know.


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As a family, we have read and signed the Enrollment Agreement for Summer 2018 and contacted the Directors if we had any concerns.

Questions? Please contact Lindsay at 717-567-3349 or Lindsay@longacre.com Thank you!

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